These 5 Jobs Will Allow You to Stay at Home and Earn Big.

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These 5 Jobs Will Allow You to Stay at Home and Earn Big

Do you love working in pajamas? Does your creativity know no limit when you are relaxing on your beanbag in your drawing room? Well, my friend, you are not alone. Almost 3.9 million U.S employees work from home at least half of the time, according to a report published by Flexjobs and Global Workplace Analytics. The trend of remote working is catching up fast. If you are wondering about remote jobs that will allow you tostay at home and earn big, the help is here.

Here are five high-paying jobs that you can do from home.

1. Product Designer

A product designer designs products that we use in our daily lives, from tables and chairs to clocks and computers. They can also design specialized products, such as pieces of cellophane, medical devices and telecommunication equipment. As a product designer, you might work to create new products or improve existing ones. Most often, product design work includes designing, modeling, producing prototypes and testing.

Here are the top skills required to be a successful product designer:

  • A penchant for shape and color
  • Knowledge of industrial processes, techniques, and standards
  • Understanding of computer-aided design (CAD)
  • Visual and spatial awareness

Typically, product designers have a degree or foundation course in product designing.

The average salary of a product designer in the U.S. is $89,261 per year.

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2. Senior Business Analyst

If you have a flair for business strategy and an understanding of how businesses operate, then a senior business analyst role is ideal for you. Responsibilities of a senior business analyst include, but are not limited to, handling a team of business analysts, creating new product/service oriented strategies and communicating them with a technical team, finding new ways or methods to increase customer satisfaction and offering solutions to complex business problems.

You won’t necessarily have to earn any specialized degree to work as a senior business analyst, which decreases any overhead costs. A bachelor’s degree is sufficient to start the job. However, many companies demand 5-7 years of experience in the related industry to offer a job remotely.

The average salary of a senior business analyst in the U.S is $92,056 per year.

3. Digital Marketer

More and more businesses are going online these days. And to grow sales, they need to hire digital marketers. The number of companies hiring digital marketers remotely is growing day-by-day. If you have an analytical mind and understand customer psychology, you will make it big as a digital marketer.

A digital marketer is well-versed in the different facets of digital marketing, such as search engine optimization, search engine marketing, paid marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, influencer marketing and video marketing.   

Though specialization in digital marketing is quite helpful, a bachelor’s degree can be enough to get a job, particularly if the candidate has hands-on experience.  

The average salary of a digital marketer is $96,980 per year.

4. Web Copywriter

With almost every business running digital marketing campaigns, there is a great need for adept web copywriters. If you love playing with words and creating persuasive copy, you can start working as a web copywriter remotely. There are plenty of remote jobs for a web copywriter.

Here are the top six skills that you need to develop to be an awesome web copywriter:

  • Impeccable writing skills
  • A sense of curiosity
  • Research skills
  • Ability to create new things
  • An understanding of user-experience
  • Empathetic writing

Although you won’t need a specialized degree to be a copywriter, many employers will demand industry-specific experience. Having your own blog to showcase your writing skills will be huge in helping you secure work.

The average salary of an entry-level copywriter is $43,406 to $54,462 per year.

5. Smartphone Developer

If you have a love for coding, working as a smartphone developer will be an excellent career option for you.

Major job responsibilities of a smartphone app developer include designing anddeveloping advanced applications for Android or other smartphone platforms, fixing bugs and optimizing application performance, and unit-testing code for usability.  

Employers often request a BS/MS degree in computer science along with software development experience and a solid understanding of the mobile app development lifecycle.

The average salary of an Android app developer is $118,292 per year.

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