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We specialize in all area of Web Design, Digital Marketing, Graphic design and Comprehensive Communication Solutions.

Digital Marketing South Africa
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Clean Design​

Typography plays an important role in modern graphics and web design. First of all, everybody likes clean and professional-looking work. Correctly chosen fonts can help you to make your design work more attractive and professional.


Responsive Web Design

Phones and tablets are responsible for 56.74% of global Internet usage. Having a responsive website is a necessary not an option. Take your business serious and also, make sure users find you and your business on any devise.


Modern Design​

Design is often at its most powerful when it is at its simplest. The whisper usually speaks louder than the yell. We are the best graphics and web design in South Africa. Because we continue to inspire and shake the design community.



Spar honey







years of successful work

in the market

DesignTalks is graphic and web design professionals. Based in Johannesburg South Africa. We have been in business since 2006, specialize in all areas of 3D animation. 

Welcome to our flexible work environment. And also, want to work with you to make sure your input is part of every step in the process. 

With our history of working with many global Advertising and Broadcast companies, While we still maintaining innovation and high quality services throughout South Africa.

Graphic and Web Design Start your business today!

Our tried-and-true creative process makes design magic. With our global community that loves to collaborate, we’ll turn your great ideas into a custom Design you can’t get anywhere else.

What separates DesignTalks , from our competition is excellent and responsive customer service. We take pride in giving our customers the very best possible solutions for custom Design and Marketing plans, each made to fit our customer’s unique needs. Our key to success is working with our clients to meet their Website development, Marketing, and Design needs. We aim to work quickly and efficiently, responding to your inquiries ASAP and providing you a fast turnaround from beginning to end.

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Digital Marketing South Africa

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Design talks web design Johannesburg


Mission & Goal

Is to provide our services at affordable cost. Therefore we try to keep our operating costs low, so we can deliver quality services at very reasonable prices.

The keys is to deliver high quality Project on time and within budget. With Design talks, you get a firm dedicated to customer service. Also helping our clients achieve their goals. 

Contact us today to find out how we can get your business going!  Contact us – Designer – Topic.